About Us

We are Zarttech

Zarttech is a social impact-driven company building uniform and strategic relationships between Western Europe, Northern America and Africa, resulting in sustainable economic benefits for both.

We quickly realised that the West and Africa have mirroring problems. The West with a shortage of Senior Expertise, within proximity and at an affordable price. Africa with a thriving young population, affordable Senior Expertise with no access to global work opportunities. Zarttech bridges the tech gap between the continents by removing obstacles, mitigating risk and providing access to the global market.

Zarttech has its Headquarters in the Netherlands, offices in the UK, USA and Nigeria. We focus our leading outstaffing and outsourcing capabilities in Africa due to its abundance of highly experienced IT experts supported by the fast-rising tech industry. Our Experts are from the top 15 African countries with the strongest IT pool such as Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, South Africa.

Bridging the Gap

Our Pillars


Bridging the Gap Between North America & Western European Businesses And African IT Experts


Businesses And African IT Experts
Bridging the gap between them by building infrastructure, removing obstacles and easing access


Bridging the gap by mitigating risks and building trust between Africa and NA & Western Europe