Back-End Experts

Zarttech connects tech companies with highly experienced and skilled Back-End experts from Africa. We help you hire Back-end experts with experience in languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Java, Go, or server-side JavaScript and many more.

Reasons to hire fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior Back-end Expert with Zarttech

  • Expertise
    Africa has a large tech pool which means you are guaranteed to find skilled and experienced expertise.

  • Fast Recruitment
    With Zarttech, you will have access to the rarest technologies out of Africa within 24hrs.

  • Support
    You focus on your core competencies, and we focus on recruitment, payroll and paperwork, providing office space.

  • Flexible Scaling
    Zarttech provides various solutions to cater to the different needs of our clients. Our goal is to help you scale quickly and affordably. We Outstaff our fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior Symphony Experts. We outsource entire or part of projects or departments to enable startups to scale their businesses with top Senior Experts. We provide you with the option to scale your teams up or down depending on the needs on the project.