Case Study

How Leasytime Optimised its Services With a Zarttech Senior IT Expert

When critical organisational problems are identified, especially in the Information Technology department, such a business requires experienced hands to fix the bug. This was what Leasytime did after it encountered problems with its web application. It first reached out to a third party to optimise its application, but it did not work out as planned. In search of a new technology partner, Leasytime was introduced to Zarttech and has had a successful partnership ever since.


About Leasytime

Leasytime is a tech-enabled marketplace headquartered in the Netherlands where people can conveniently rent the cheapest cars and delivery vans. Users of the platform are guaranteed to find the ideal van in 5 minutes. Leasytime rental locations include Amsterdam, Purmerend,
Swag, Old Lake, Zoetermeer and Zaadam.
The company’s mission is to help everyone who wants to rent a van at the lowest and most affordable price.

About Zarttech

Zarttech is a social impact-driven company building uniform and strategic relationships between Western Europe, Northern America, and Africa, resulting in sustainable economic benefits for both. We focus our leading outstaffing and outsourcing capabilities in Africa due to its abundance of highly experienced IT experts supported by the fast-rising tech industry. Our experts are from the top 15 African countries with the most robust IT pool: Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, and South Africa.

Business Challanges

Leasytime had some urgent upgrade of their web application which they contracted to a third party to get the job done. However, after a few weeks, the partnership was canceled because no value was delivered.

Then the founder of Leasytime, Jeroen Swart, found out about Zarttech. He reached out to the Netherlands-tech headquartered social impact startup and was provided a senior software developer from their pool of over 600 IT experts.

Before getting the senior Zarttech developer on board, Leasytime: did not have a payment gateway, users were unable to cancel reservations, the system was able to validate users, and company reservations were not available. Additionally, the system filtering feature was not working. These were some of the critical challenges identified by both management of Leasytime and the Senior Software Developer provided by Zarttech. This was after a thorough, holistic, and extensive review of the Leasytime Web Application.

Leasytime contacted Zarttech for an experienced senior full-stack developer (frontend and backend) to identify and fix these issues, which reduced the user experience of its web application, resulting in a loss of customers and affecting the smooth operations of the vehicles-rental marketplace. In summary, the responsibility of the senior full-stack developer is to optimize Leasytime services.

Solutions Zarttech Delivered

With the problems identified, it was time for the Zarttech senior full-stack developer to provide solutions. In under 60 days, the Zarttech developer effortlessly worked to fix the problem by meticulously prioritising each task or challenge and solving them accordingly. After successfully optimizing the platform, the developer was retained to perform regular updates on the Leasytime web application. Thanks to the quality of the job done, Leasytime now fully trusts Zarttech and its developer.

Payment gateway

First, the full stack developer designed a user flow to show how the payment gateway will appear before the commencement of development. The Leasytime payment solutions and services had to be integrated with that of a third party. First, the developer familiarised himself with the third-party APIs and documentation before he began commencing the integration. With this understanding and code development, the Zarttech Senior full stack developer built a Leasytime payment gateway that allowed users to pay online.

Cancel Reservation

This means that when. Leasytime receives the vehicle-rental requests from their customers or users at the backend; the request cannot be canceled. So, even if a car reservation has been canceled, it still shows as a valid request. This can cause a lot of confusion. Well, the problem of the inability to cancel a reservation is now history

User Validation

Even if you are a returning user, the Leasytime web application will identify
you as a new user. As a result, you have to restart your registration,
adversely affecting the web application’s user experience. Well, with the
Zwarrtech senior developer on board, returning users can continue their

Company Reservations

There are two types of reservations on the Leasytime web application individual reservations and company reservations. While the former is working, the latter isn’t. With the company reservation system not functioning, Leasytime loses many potential customers, which isn’t suitable. So this is no longer the case.

Technologies Used

Below are some of the tools deployed by the full-stack developer to work on the Leasytime web application.

Visual Studio Code




Value Added

Fixing the bugs earlier mentioned may appear simplistic in ink, but it took a lot of hard work and experience to develop the codes for fixing the bugs. Thankfully, the Zwarrtech senior software developer, like all our developers, was able to sort out the challenges and add value to Leasytime in the following ways:

Significant improvements in the user experience of the Leasytime web application

Built a seamless payment integration and infrastructure that allowed users to pay online

Increased booking with company reservation functionality

“The best part of working with Zarttech is that they under stand your needs and provide you with a software developer that is highly skilled to perform that task cost-effectively.

Their developers do take your IT team to a whole new level of productivity, and they make sure that it’s a perfect match between you and the developer.”

Jeroen Swart
Founder of Leasytime

Successful Partnership

There is no doubt that the partnership between Leasytime and Zarttech has been an enormous success. The Leasytime founder said he would recommend
Zwarrtech to other startups, scaleups and corporates. The Zwarrtech process is guaranteed to offer the highest quality job to our clients on a budget. You can also join Leasytime as one of our many clients and companies deploying Zarttech senior IT experts to optimize their services