04- StartESI

How StartESI Scaled their business with our 1% senior IT Experts developing their Web app and website


StartESI is a blockchain-based impact investment platform for Connecting Social Entrepreneurs to Impact Investors, Matching Social Impact Investors to Entrepreneurs, Connecting and engaging directly with social entrepreneurs and investors.


StartESI has offices located in Den Haag, Netherlands, and London, United Kingdom. Aside from the investment platform, it runs a foundation that assists small businesses by using the StartESI Protocols. Dedicated to providing their clients with the tools needed to raise money for whatever their cause may be.


StartESI with all its operations needed a business website and a web application that helps scale its business and advertise the StartESI ideas. They approached Zarttech for this course to build a website that helps showcase their platform and foundation to the world while automating their business processes with a web application that can help onboard investors, businesses and administrators control board.


Our team of developers worked on the website for a couple of months using the following technologies

  1. We built a token for ease of payment on the platform while creating better value among users.
  2. We assist in the business development process and assisted with visibility studies.
    We create brand identity and guidelines for StartEsi.
  3. UI/UX Design of the website and platform.
  • PHP
  • MySQL for the database
  • Javascript
  • Blockchain

We took the problem and solved it using our expertise, in a short while StartESI was made visible to the word. Our Search engine optimization(SEO) was used to promote the website on any search engine you can think of.


StartESI has so far recorded some progress and increased results in business
Below are the recorded progress report:


We have some good feedback on the usage of the application and what their customers are saying, below is feedback from a gametimer customer.

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