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With our Outstaffing services, the Gametimer application for monitoring screen time for Children was built


Gametimer is an application that quickly teaches kids to manage their screen time. Parents can decide with them how long they get to play each day, but then let them decide when. This increases their awareness and teaches them how to plan.
The key goals and achievements were to give parents more insight and put an end to unnecessary discussions because children have the responsibility themselves. It is built to work together with a hardware device that connects to the mobile application via Bluetooth and can be ordered from the client website and also a web application portal for administration.

Gametimer helps clear agreements to be made and contributes to children’s awareness of screen use. They learn that taking regular breaks is also an important part of gaming and screen use. Being able to decide when and for how long they can game until the maximum screen time for that day has been reached teaches them to plan the time they spend behind a screen better and more efficiently. With Gametimer, you’ll never have to struggle with screen time again.


Gametimer is a company located in Roosendaal, Netherlands. The development of Gametimer began with playfully learning how to manage screen time and giving children their own responsibility. And today the Gametimer has been designed for children of all ages to operate easily. The hardware is robust, sturdy, and available in four colors. It is suitable for all screens because it ensures the children turn off the screen themselves. It has no buttons, it simply works like an egg-timer.


Research has shown that most children play too many games without the permission of their parents. After the manufacturing of the game timer hardware there was a need for a mobile application integration so as to solve the challenges of parents not having insight into screen time used by their children, having unnecessary discussions with their children about screen time usage, children not being in charge of their own screen time.
These pain points led the client into approaching Zarttech for her outstaffing services to build the Gametimer mobile applications.


Zarttech through our outstaffing services onboarded some experts to develop the gametimer application in the year 2021/2022.
The project was broken down into different milestones and this led to the launch of the minimum viable product (MVP) for the client. The app was developed to display a weekly schedule, provide clear statistics on screen time usage, and the ability to link and manage multiple Gametimers. The app connects to the Gametimer via Bluetooth and WiFi. This means all the settings can be synchronized and everything kept up to date.


The team ensured that the correct choice of the application stack was made both for the web administrator portal and the mobile application at the beginning of the project, and a clear user story and requirements were defined. This clearly demonstrates how we took the problem and solved it using our expertise.


Gametimer has so far recorded some progress and great results from the app usage.
Some recorded results


We have some good feedback on the usage of the application and what their customers are saying, below is feedback from the gametimer customers:

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