5 Non-Technical Skills Every Developer Needs

With the increasing knowledge in software development and the rising competition, being great at your job or having the finest codes may not be enough to help you advance through the ranks and earn the right to lead teams, projects, and, ultimately, companies.  Unfortunately, just as there is a gap in the educational system fueling … Read more

How to Position Yourself to Attract Global Opportunities as an African Developer

As a software developer or engineer looking to actively grow and progress in your career, it is imperative to understand how to position yourself, hone your skills, optimize your profile and build a brand so as to attract opportunities beyond Africa.  According to www.weforum.org 42% work remotely at least once a day as technological evolutions … Read more

You Must Pay Attention to these Skills if you are Trying to Hire A DevOps Engineer

Throughout the course of recent years, DevOps has developed from a speciality to a major pillar in high-performing software teams. Hiring DevOps engineers has become an extreme sport as demand for DevOps engineers has greatly increased. So how do you know if your candidate is the real deal and has all of the skills you … Read more