How Zarttech Protects your Companies Data 

With the ongoing rise in the need for IT talent, companies are frequently embracing outstaffing and outsourcing services as a solution. Of course, many business owners still associate it with various difficulties. While quality and remote management are some of the concerns, the biggest worry is with regard to data protection and security. Additionally, the … Read more

The value of reskilling and upskilling in tech

As information technology becomes the major driver of different industries worldwide including fintech, agritech, property-tech, education, blockchain, health-tech, and communication, some associated lingos or better still glossaries have emerged.  Examples are assistive technology, bandwidth, broadband, cache, cloud computing, download, domain, encryption, gateway, malware, and the list is endless. Expectedly, this makes them difficult to keep … Read more

How Kenya is Incorporating and Leveraging ICT For Accelerated Growth

Image of Kenyan flag formed by lines of code

A traditional view of development is very linear, where a country is expected to go through each stage of the industrial revolution one by one before starting with the next phase, however, newly developed countries have the benefit of being able to adapt their infrastructure to the most recent developments and innovations, allowing them to … Read more

Diversity & Inclusion: The 21st Century  Business Growth Recipe

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by Nelson, Tosin Ajulo Ph.D Businesses have leveraged employees to amass billions of dollars by offering innovative services to millions of customers worldwide. At the same time, they have also been impacted by economic, political, legal, and socio-cultural factors.  Yes, no doubt, many businesses have either been made or marred by the factors mentioned earlier. … Read more