CyberSecurity Services

As your foremost cybersecurity partner, we help ensure and maintain the security of your information assets with a verifiable rating that signifies your security maturity level. In addition, at ZartCyber, we will provide you with our ZartCyber Certification.

To determine your risk, we advise you to start with a Scan of your environment. We have developed a Free Quick Scan as well as an Extended Scan. Based upon the scan results, we can execute a detailed investigation of your threats and risks as well as a training of your staff.

What We Do

Penetration Testing &
Vulnerability Assessment

With our ZartCyber Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment, we will systematically review the security weaknesses in your information assets. It evaluates if the system is susceptible to any known vulnerabilities and then assigns severity levels to the identified vulnerabilities. During this exercise, our cybersecurity experts take a step further to simulate in a controlled manner cyber- attacks to ascertain if those vulnerabilities are exploitable.

This security assessment aims to evaluate your security posture to identify gaps and make expert recommendations to keep you safe and strengthen your security posture.

How We Do It


Scope Definition:

This scope could include your internal or external information assets like web applications, mobile applications, infrastructure on-premise or cloud, etc.



To ensure the confidentiality of information available to us during the assessment, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and rule of engagement that guides and formally authorises the assessment.



Our seasoned and experienced experts perform security assessments to identify inherent vulnerabilities and threats within the defined scope for the engagement.


Risk Rating:

The risks identified during the assessment are classified based on their severity level and the degree of damage if exploited.



The results of this assessment are communicated to you in a manner that can be understood by both your organisation’s executive and technical members.

With Zarttech, you get:

Service\ Certification Bronze Silver Gold
Security Education Training & Awareness Yes Yes Yes
Penetration Testing Yes Yes Yes
Vulnerability Assessment Yes Yes Yes
Third-Party Risk Assessment Yes Yes
Cloud Security Assessment Yes
Expert Advisory Sessions Three days Seven days Unlimited
Frequency of checks Quarterly Monthly Continuously