Want to hire Senior IT Experts and CyberSecurity Specialists but have a few questions? Our Sales Executives and Business Development Managers have shared a list of frequently asked questions they have encountered when clients seek to hire experts from Africa.



Why should I Hire Senior IT Experts and CyberSecurity specialists from Africa with Zarttech?

Zarttech has registered offices in Africa, where our recruitment,  compliance and HR teams ensure visible evidence of reliability in our screening processes and standards. With our recruitment team on the ground, we screen and hire all expertise, effectively conduct all background and necessary security checks to mitigate any possible risk of hiring and can make them available within 48hrs.

We take on all liability in enforcing contracts and adequately address any legal matters. We are also registered in all target countries in Western Europe &  North America that we are operational in, ensuring that we are available to effectively address our clients’ needs, supporting them in scaling their business. 

We want our clients to scale their businesses by providing solutions that reduce the financial burden. Through Zarttech, our clients’ total employee costs are reduced by  25-60%, as well as a 30-50% reduction in recruitment costs. All our Experts have access to our Zart Entrepreneurial Hub, a workspace built with stable electricity and high-speed internet.

We offer our clients flexible solutions to enable them to swiftly adjust their IT departments in an affordable manner relating to the various needs of the business and project within a short period of time.  Zartech offers a variety of on-demand value-added services to complement any additional requirements of our clients. To enable startups to access Senior IT Experts, we provide our startup program for all startups founded after 2016.

Payments are made through online checkout where you can pay instantly through your local bank transfer, credit card transfer or automated monthly charge subscription being made to all invoices. We are registered In The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and United States allowing our clients to instantly make payments to Zarttech within their region.

Zarttech complies with the ISO 26000 standard on social responsibility.

The organisation declares that it applies the principles and guidance of NEN-ISO 26000:2010 and assures that this will be the case continuingly. Furthermore, within the framework of this self-declaration, the application of NEN-ISO 26000 will be assessed and reviewed at least annually.

The signed self-declaration can be downloaded here. In addition, upon request supporting documents can be provided.

Zarttech is headquartered in the Netherlands. We have offices in the United Kingdom, United States and Nigeria.



Zarttech offers outstaffing and outsourcing of Senior IT Experts (Technical and non Technical ) and CyberSecurity Specialists from Africa fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region)ly.

Zarttech employees all Senior IT Experts. All payments are made to Zarttech Headquartered in The Netherlands. We make it easy for our clients and Senior IT Experts by handling all payments to our Senior IT Experts in Africa

Languages/ technologies mainly used by our clients are Java, C#/.NET, JavaScript (all modern frameworks on Frontend and Backend), PHP (Symfony, Laravel, Yii, Zend, …), C++, Python, iOS, Android and cross-platform languages such as React Native, Flutter, Ionic, along with some other languages such as Ruby. Zarttech has a large pool of Senior Experts and CyberSecurity specialists. We can provide any experts with the skills you require.

Our Senior IT Experts work from the Zart Entrepreneurial Hub, a co-working space fully equipped with stable electricity and high-speed internet. Moreover, the building is fully secure with 24hr CCTV cameras. Alternatively, they also work from the comfort of their homes.

We charge per hour of engagement for each Senior IT Expert or CyberSecurity Specialist outstaffed or placed to work on your project. When our Senior IT Experts are engaged in outsourced development projects, we charge per project.  There are no costs associated with setting up fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior IT Experts; we provide them with laptop, high speed internet, and a decent workplace. If a client has a specific requirement outside the standard set-up that we provide, they can relate and discuss such requirement with us.

We will help you hire full-stack developers, front-end, back-end developers, mobile developers, Microsoft developers, Security and cybersecurity specialists ( Ethical Hacker, Information security officer, Pentester, SOC analyst). We also help you hire non-technical experts such as ERP  consultants (SAP, MS Dynamics, Oracle, …), Project manager, Business or Functional Analysts, Scrum Master, Product Owners, UX/UI Designer, Graphics Designer, Digital Marketers.

Our fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior IT Experts and CyberSecurity Specialists you hire work within the guidelines provided by your company. 

Zarttech has also established set standards of compliance that all our Senior IT Experts are expected to meet to ensure credibility, reliability and a dependable character. At Zart Recruit, we follow the Physical and Environmental Security (PES) screening process to mitigate any possible risk that might arise through fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) work,  or the opportunity we provide to African Senior IT Experts to work fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region)ly from Africa. We do our PES screening to secure the client’s organisation sensitive infrastructure protection and ensure accountability when needed. Our Senior IT Experts are Zarttech employees, which enables us to enforce all contractual agreements, including NDAs signed between the client and Zarttech on our Senior IT Experts .


Senior IT Experts

Zarttech only hires the top 1% highly skilled and qualified Senior IT Experts in Africa with over six years of experience in their respective fields. All our Senior IT Experts have obtained their qualifications from prestigious universities, colleges and training institutions across Africa, the United States and Europe.

With a minimum of 5 years of production experience in their field, our Senior IT Experts have also work with globally established companies and gained international work exposure. Our Senior IT Experts reflect the standards of quality that Zarttech upholds and embody the highest level of professionalism, communication and integrity. 

Zarttech has offices in Africa. Being local to our Senior IT Experts ensures that we can seek the best Senior IT Experts and CyberSecurity Specialists from Africa. Our process includes six steps to ensure that we hire the best fit for your team.

Senior IT Experts are selected based on the needs of the client. Therefore, we get to understand your needs as a business and the ideal candidate you see as a perfect fit based on the job description you provide. Through Algorithmic best fit, we can successfully match you to our pool of Senior IT Experts.



Zarttech provides high-speed Wifi at Zart Hub, our co-working offices, to ensure that they work efficiently and stay connected with their clients. The quality and speed of connection available are to the same standard as any developed country. Working with our fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) experts in Africa will be no different.

Electricity is widely available to countries in Africa. Our Zart Entrepreneurial Hub- our coworking spaces are open to all experts to use with fall out systems and UPS units provided.

No, Africa is one of the largest continents with a total of 54 countries. Currently, 1 in 6 people in the world are from Africa

We currently hire experts from Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, and Morocco. We have identified 15 countries across Africa with the strongest IT pool.


Social Impact

In the next five years, Zarttech aims to impact the lives of 75000 people around the world, mostly in Africa. We also aim to positively impact 5000 businesses in the west by enabling them to produce faster and sustainably scale without increasing the cost of production. By achieving our goals, we address 9 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030 by the United Nations. 

Our Senior Experts will be dedicating their time and giving back to the community. They will be providing specialised training throughout the 6-month duration of each program.

They will gain the foundational skills to become Business Analyst, Full Stack JavaScript developers, Full Stack Microsoft Developers, Graphic Designers/ UI/UX, Full Stack Microsoft developers and Full Stack Python Developers.

Zart Talent Foundation will be providing a free training program for all involved. Talent will be required to pay back the cost of the training once they become full-time employees. The model ensures that the graduates of the Academy pour back into it to ensure the next generation of youth are afforded the same opportunities.

No poverty, Good Health, Quality Education, gender equality, Good Jobs and Economic growth, Innovation and Infrastructure, Reduced inequalities, Responsible consumption, and Partnerships for The Goals.