Social Impact Driven Goals

Partnership For The Goals

The Problem

There are myriads of challenges in the world that not one person, organisation or government can address. They include poverty, lack of infrastructure and good health, high crime rates, rising population, poor education, and inequality. Tackling all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals requires all hands to be on deck. This is how solutions deployed can have an everlasting and evergreen impact on society.

Despite the United Nations being the initiator and coordinator of the Sustainable Development goals, we have not that spiral to governments, non-governmental organisations and funding bodies. There is no synergy among them. Individual countries are doing their own thing to achieve the goals without working with other governments, regional or international. Funding bodies/donor agencies donate thousands of dollars to ensure that countries worldwide meet the 2030 deadline for achieving the goals. Meanwhile, the not-for-profit and non-governmental organisations are implementing projects they think will help combat these global challenges.

If this scattered approach continues, it may be near impossible to pull off these goals. And just like the 2015 Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), which failed because the success of the goals was not equal around the world, was replaced by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Approach

Zarttech recognises the fact that tackling some of the worlds biggest problems is a collective effort. This is why we are always open to partnering with like-minded organisations. Although Zarttech is the initiator of the Zart Talent Foundation, we are partnering with others to ensure we are truly bridging the gap and tackling some of these challenges. The partners include iS-EF (co-ordinator), DONNA KNOWS, Wajenzi, University of GODANSK, Vfl Oldenburg and Gladiators Academy). 

More so, we have a partnership process. The process is registration, welcome package, attendance of introduction meeting, agreement and onboarding. In addition to this, you can also donate to us. Please note that donations are not limited to funds alone. Materials and services are welcomed too.

We believe that partnering with us will help create the ultimate synergy to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and evolve a just, equitable, inclusive and diverse world.