Social Impact Driven Goals

Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

The Problem

The infrastructure deficit is seriously limiting growth and development in Africa. The AfDB says that Africa must industrialise to end poverty and generate employment for the 12 million young people who join its labour force every year.

The above image provides an overview of the infrastructure issues on the continent. According to Ernst & Young (EY) in its “Addressing Africa’s Infrastructure Deficit” report, the most significant deficits are in the areas of power and roads.

New estimates by the African Development Bank suggest that the continent’s infrastructure needs amount to $130–170 billion a year, with a financing gap in the range of $68–$108 billion.

Of course, without infrastructure, it will be cumbersome to innovate. Even startups and SMEs that are innovating are doing so with funding from foreign venture capitals, angel investors and private equity firms. 

Beyond startups and SMEs, individuals do not have access to potable water, the internet and transportation. This has significantly stunted innovation. In addition, due to the lack of internet, there is limited access to information. Therefore, it is crucial to bridge the infrastructure gap to promote innovation.

Our Approach

Since tackling poverty and providing jobs are crucial to infrastructure and Innovation. Zarttech is all about connecting Africans with international job opportunities for them to earn more money. This way, they can quickly get out of poverty. At the same time, we are offering jobs to young IT experts.

For Zart Academy, we are tackling the infrastructural deficit by providing laptops and internet connections to students. With this, they not only equip themselves with IT knowledge, but they also have access to information. As we all know, information is power.