How to Position Yourself to Attract Global Opportunities as an African Developer

African Developer

As a software developer or engineer looking to actively grow and progress in your career, it is imperative to understand how to position yourself, hone your skills, optimize your profile and build a brand so as to attract opportunities beyond Africa. 

According to 42% work remotely at least once a day as technological evolutions are actively gearing up in Africa. Many tech firms, including Google and Meta, are creating a huge selection of advanced, senior-level technologist roles designed to make an impact and change the industry’s landscape.

However, as roles increase, so does competition, and it’s important to find ways to position yourself correctly is important in positioning you for the international market.

At Zarttech, we are committed to redistributing global opportunities and solving the unemployment gap in Africa, we connect IT experts in Africa with jobs in the West on a remote, hybrid-remote or onsite basis. We are passionate about finding the right talents and placing them, so in this article, we will be sharing some tips that could help you land your dream job.

You can perfect your English using a wide variety of online language platforms, from Babble and Duolingo and Rosetta Stone, both free and paid. 

  1. Be Confident:

Most times, African developers tend to feel timid and inadequate when it comes to international opportunities. We can understand this because it is a huge culture shift. However, you need to understand that these companies need you and trust your skills and expertise to get the job done. This confidence will be visible in how you speak and carry yourself.

  1. Optimize Your CV:

Your CV is what gets your feet into the door. It should be able to position you as the ideal candidate, detailing your experience, expertise, skills, numerous skills mastered and companies you’ve worked with.

The hack to creating that ideal CV is to keep it concise and straight to the point, detailing the essentials.

Also, check your keywords: If you work in tech, you know the latest languages and buzzwords change on a daily basis, from Python to Ruby, to Golang! Jargon changes, and with it, so do the words recruiters and applicant tracking software look for while scanning through your CV. 

Also, review the job descriptions and ensure that your CV is tailored to fit.

  1. Be Intentional with your Personal Brand: 

It isn’t just your cv that needs to be sharpened – it’s your online presence! As an HR-tech firm, we are big on LinkedIn as a recruitment tool and you may have the required skills but stay unseen because your profile hasn’t been optimized.  

Ensure your profile contains the keywords in your industry as well as your skills, experiences, education and lots more. This greatly boosts your visibility.

4. Share Your Story: 

Don’t hesitate to talk about your work. Have you worked on a project or created an app that other people might be interested in hearing about? Or do you have a specific interest and knowledge of upcoming tech trends? Then share your thoughts, and write an article, you may never know who would find you.

5. Be Interview Ready:

Stay ready to join an interview at all times, do your research, and ensure you have a stable internet connection and a great background. Always remember that how you are perceived is very important when it comes to acing an interview process.

6. Openness and transparency:

Be free to share who you are, what you enjoy doing, what drives you in life, your family, how you spend your candy time and similar information that would allow the interviewer to know you personally. This would help you move from being a cv to being more human with emotions and family to which the interviewer can relate. In addition, we have noticed that it gives more room for leniency and the benefit of the doubt throughout the interview process.


Do you have relevant IT skills? From Java to DevOps to Frontend, Backend, etc, and you would like to be the first to know when amazing opportunities come up? Join our telegram channel by clicking here. Also, do well to follow us as we are planning an event soon to shed more light on this subject.


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