Where we operate


Zarttech has experience working with clients from a wide range of industries

Zarttech helps tech companies scale their businesses quickly and seamlessly by outsourcing and outstaffing fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior IT experts and Cybersecurity Specialists from Africa. 

Education Software Development

Education is at the heart of our social impact journey. With the industry evolving to be more tech-savvy, various technologies make learning collaborative, efficient, and interactive. Zarttech helps companies combine technology and expertise into a single solution. In addition, through our software development services, Zarttech helps clients address various educational gaps and challenges.

Healthcare Software Development

Zarttech helps clients address challenges to deliver cost-effective patient-focused solutions for the healthcare industry. From volume to value-based, the healthcare industry continues to evolve while health care professionals seek impactful ways to increase access to information, automate processes and improve overall patient care. We offer software development services to address these challenges, helping the healthcare industry scale to its full potential.

Fintech Software Development

With customers seeking greater personalisation and automation, the fintech industry is constantly evolving to meet demands. Zarttech helps fintech solutions work towards faster response times, increased optimal efficiency, seamless delivery and increased transparency. The flexibility of our services enables you to effectively and efficiently leverage the latest technologies to meet growing demands.

Travel & Hospitality Software Development

The travel and hospitality industry is becoming increasingly tech-focused to deliver increased connectivity and lasting experiences. By hiring skilled Senior IT experts, we help you implement digital transformations affordably and seamlessly.