Is hiring remote workers the solution for your company?

The Covid pandemic has caused, what could potentially be described as a paradigm shift for the global labour force. Across the world, but especially in European and North American countries both employees and employers are experiencing the benefits of moving to remote work for at least part of the labour force, with 83% of the employers indicating positive experiences for their company. and no sector is so well equipped to handle remote work as the IT sector.  

A company that is at the forefront of promoting and kindling remote work is Zarttech

As a social impact-driven company, Zarttech is building uniform and strategic relationships between Western Europe, Northern America, and Africa, resulting in sustainable economic benefits for both

We focus our leading outstaffing and outsourcing capabilities in Africa due to its abundance of highly experienced IT experts supported by the fast-rising tech industry. Our experts are from the top African countries with the most robust IT pool: Kenya, Nigeria, Morocco, and South Africa. Zarttech aims to create 150,000 comparatively high paying jobs in Africa while supporting and improving the socio-economic security of our employees and their families. By hiring our employees as remote workers for international companies, their knowledge and wealth remain within their communities. In the long term, this increases the prosperity and welfare on a local level 

If you plan to go remote and require senior IT experts,  Zarttech is the organization to talk to. But don’t take our word for it, listen to our clients in  Europe, North America, and Asia.

What are we offering you?

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Connecting businesses and clients to highly skilled senior IT experts is our speciality. That is why our clients like Discovelo, Leasytime, Whrrl, etc., trust us and are always returning and referring us to organisations within their ecosystem. We also want your organisation or business to partner with us, especially if you’re hiring remote IT staff. 

Like a debate, our esteemed clients, we are here not to confuse you but to convince you why Zwarrtech is your trusted partner when hiring remote IT expertise. 🙂

#1 Quality senior IT experts 

There is a shortage or scarcity of senior IT experts in Europe and North America. To tackle or combat this shortage, C-level executives have the options of hiring locally, hiring remotely internally, hiring from other outstaffing or outsourcing companies in Asia, Israel and Eastern Europe or hiring with Zarttech. However, before you decide on which options to pick, the average time to find a senior IT expert, average total business loss for inaction during recruitment per opening and the cost of recruitment per placement need to be taken into consideration. 

Amidst this search for a senior IT expert, another critical factor that must not be overlooked is the quality of the expert. When recruiting on your own it takes days or months to hire senior IT experts who are yet to be vetted, Zarttech has a robust database of quality African developers. We have over 150 000 Developers in our database & over 850 vetted and validated Senior IT Experts in the most in-demand roles. This is why we can effortlessly meet the 24 hours deadline for providing you with a qualified Senior IT expert from Africa.

Source: Zarttech

With Zwarrtech, you can hire a remote senior IT expert from Africa in 24 hours, unlike others. For us,  the decrease in annual production is just a drop in the ocean-a meagre 1%, and Zarttech is working painstakingly to hit 0%. Moreover, the cost of recruitment per placement is €0. If you decide to go the other route, quality will definitely be compromised, time wasted, and money lost. However, with our apparent values, your ultimate source of a quality senior IT expert when you think of going remote is Zarttech.


Do you prefer to break the bank to hire a highly-skilled senior IT expert, or do you want to hire based on competitive prices?.  Of courses, as a C-level executive, you would choose the latter. So, where do you get the highest quality senior IT experts at the most affordable rate? It is undoubtedly Zarttech. Again, we got our facts, we have done analysis and our conclusion that we are the cheapest is not based on conjectures

Source: Zarttech

While a local hire might cost you between €85 – €350, partnering will Zarttech to hire a senior IT developer will significantly save a whopping €250 with higher quality. Therefore, it is an intelligent business decision to work with us to hire to meet your senior IT experts needs.

Unlimited Access to the African Market

Africa is considered the next frontier for technology, trade and business. Leading to a renewed scramble for Africa. This is why China, the United States of America, The United Kingdom and other superpowers and organisations are scrambling to position themselves so that they won’t lose out. Clearly, as a top-level manager, you want to tap such a market with a large population to build your IT team or market your product remotely. So, if you wish to have unhindered access to the African market and leverage its abundant senior IT talents, just call Zarttech. 

Zarttech is best positioned to grant you unlimited access to the large pool of senior It experts in Africa:

  1. We have offices and senior IT experts across the top 12 African countries with the most prominent IT pool. This includes Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Egypt, among others. 
  2. We are compliant with the local employment and hiring laws in source countries.  In other words, we have an in-house IT team set up in Africa to ensure we hire in 24hrs in compliance with local hiring &  contracting laws in source countries. This means we manage the risk.
  3. Robust database of African developers. We have over 150 000 Developers in our database & over 850 vetted and validated Senior IT Experts in most in-demand roles.
  4. We provide cultural training for both IT Experts and Clients, therefore, guaranteeing the quality of work and collaboration. You do not have to worry about cultural differences.
  5. All clients data are worked on and stored in a secure environment in line with the GDPR.
  6. We facilitate payments and payroll to IT Experts across 45 African countries.


We are a startup, and we understand the need to be flexible as much as possible. At Zarttech, there is no bureaucracy and no rigidity. Thanks to the fact that we are working with senior IT experts from across Africa, our employees are committed and productive; because of our local understanding of both cultures, we can better connect the expert and the client, thus strengthening the relationship among all involved. Additionally, Arica is in the same time zone as Europe and the UK, and for North America, our experts’ working hours follow the clients’ schedule.

Of course, Zarttech contracts are tailored to customer needs. We have Hourly, Monthly or yearly contracts, and they can be terminated with a 1-month notice. 

Source: Zarttech

While others have probable offers regarding flexibility, Zwarrtech, which hires senior IT experts from Africa, meets all the criteria, including timezone, employee commitment and productivity, contract flexibility and ease of communication with experts.

The now and the future of work is remote. So, let Zarttech drive your IT department to the highest level of professionalism by hiring our highly skilled senior IT experts from Africa. We provide our experts within 24 hours, deliver the highest quality, and we are very affordable. You cannot get these values if you decide to hire locally, hire remotely internally, or hire from outstaffing & outsourcing agencies. You can schedule a call or send us an email to hire one of our senior developers.


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