Mobile Software Expert

Zarttech provides Senior Mobile Software Experts who specialise in the development of applications such as IOS, Android, Microsoft Windows. Hire a mobile expert to help accelerate your business.

Reasons to hire a fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior Mobile Software Expert with Zarttech.

Hire in 24hrs
At Zarttech we are able to match you and introduce you with our Senior Experts within 24hrs.

Top 5% fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior Software Experts and Cybersecurity Specialists From Africa
We provide you with Senior Experts from the top 15 African countries with the most prominent and most robust IT Expertise. Our Experts are versed in various frameworks and technologies and embody the highest professionalism, communication and integrity.

Timezone Aligned
Africa is in the same timezone as Europe and within proximity to North America. Africa’s geographical location enables teams to work in real-time, allowing for efficiency and ease of integration into companies teams.

Social Return
1 euro initiative Zarttech will donate €1 for every hour an Expert is engaged to an organisation. For example, if ten engineers work for 32 hours a week for nine months, that would total €11.520 in donations alone. The final purpose of this donation will be determined by our clients, where they will be able to select the project. In this way, our customers can actively contribute and also use this in their own corporate social responsibility program and report.

Mitigate the Risk in Hiring
All Senior Software Experts and CyberSecurity Specialists are employed by Zarttech and become a part of your team.

Zarttech reduces acquisition costs by 30-50% and cost of labour by 35-60%.

Cultural Proximity
Africa, Western Europe, and North America have a unified cultural approach. Africa is a multilingual continent with English as an official language and the language of instruction in over 50 African countries including the Top 15 countries we pool our Senior Experts from. Indo- European languages that are commonly spoken include: French, Afrikaans- similar to the dutch language, German, Portuguese and Spanish

Flexible Scaling
Zarttech provides various solutions to cater to the different needs of our clients. Our goal is to help you scale quickly and affordably.
We Outstaff our fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior Software Experts and CyberSecurity Specialists. Our team of Experts become a part of your team or make up your entire team.
We outsource entire or part of development projects.
To enable startups to scale their businesses with top Senior experts with minimal financial burden, we have established a startup Program.
With Zarttech, your able to scale your team of experts up or down in relation to the needs of the project.
We have a one month cancellation notice with every engagement.

Direct Access into the future African economy is also guaranteed, enabling corporations to set up their businesses swiftly. As a result, communication and collaboration in all aspects are eased, operational costs are reduced and scaling is accelerated.