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Multimedia Corner

The great gospel

Everyone wants to know what’s inside the mind of great leaders and those that aspire to be one. But, not everyone has a chance to meet them and dive into a conversation about their likes and dislikes, and get to know what makes them tick.

Join us on a journey through the minds of those that aspire to achieve greatness and bring value to our world. Keep up with what is happening in the world through their goals and achievements and who knows, a valuable lesson might be learned along the way.


Let your STORY be heard

Brandon Thompson

As a young entrepreneur, I have a strong academic mind and a passion for off-topic conversation with open-minded individuals. Having done two MSc. in the field of Psychology, Neuroscience and Economics (University of Amsterdam & Rijksuniversiteit Groningen), I enjoy diving into different fields of knowledge and exploring different topics of discussion. These can include subjects surrounding media, animation, life experience, and more. While I currently work for a social impact-driven technology company with a great vision to give access to the global job market, I want to go beyond what is expected within my job role to further expand our reach to those willing listen.

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