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The story of impact

Nelson’s background

Nelson T. Ajulo (Ph.D) is the CEO and founder of Zarttech.

He is a seasoned executive with over twelve (12) years of experience in technology, extensive leadership, operations, and management. Having served as Chairman, CEO, and President of several significant multinationals, his expertise spans various aspects of leveraging technology to address social inequalities and business leadership sustainably. He has garnered diverse experience by working in continents worldwide, such as Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

Note from our founder

I founded Zarttech to bridge today’s inequality gap. One where one end is abundant and the other, where people struggle for necessities. Bridging inequality is more about equity for us, boosting the weakest among us to have access to basic daily needs, giving voice to those who are not heard and creating a platform that can connect the underutilised human resources and talents worldwide to global work opportunities’

The problem we Solve

The problem that Zarttech is addressing is two-sided, shortage of IT Experts in the West and unemployment or underemployment of IT talents in Africa, Europe and South America...

The West is faced with a shortage of Senior IT Experts, within proximity and at an affordable price. On the other hand, Africa, South America and areas of Europe have a thriving young population and affordable Senior Expertise with less access to global work opportunities. They are either unemployed or underemployed. Zarttech bridges the talent gap between the continents by removing obstacles, mitigating risk and providing access to the global market. We at Zarttech, combat the fear of the unknown and help build trust by ensuring a successful partnership.

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Problems for Companies

For businesses, the global scarcity of skilled, digitally talented workforce and the fear of the unknown to explore untapped territories.


Zarttech provides access to over 16,000 untapped talents within 24hrs if needed. We also provide on-ground support in 12 countries.

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Problems for
IT Experts

IT Experts in developing economies, such as Africa, South America or Europe (mostly minorities), face a high level of unemployment or underemployment.

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We build infrastructure and trust and carry risk to allow the redistribution of global work opportunities without any barriers and connect diverse IT Experts to high-paying job opportunities in the comfort of their homes.

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Our ground-up approach is sustainable

Zarttech builds infrastructure, trust and connection that connects

untapped talents with the world.

The Result

We bridge the talent gap while working on social impact-driven values because we believe that an inclusive workforce benefits all, individually and collectively, for the people and the economies.

On a mission to redistribute global job opportunities. join us!

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