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JobID helps you onboard, manage, pay and reward your workforce worldwide.

Job ID

We make hiring safer, ease international payment and prepare businesses for successful operations while solving the two-sided problem.

Security Innovation on JobID

JobID is the First 6-step verification SaaS platform for recruitment identity verification in the world. Over 15,000 skilled technical and non-technical IT Experts are onboarded to meet your hiring needs and in five years, JobID will validate over 5 million IT Experts.

JobID 6-Step Security Process

Face recognition

IT Experts login via Automated KYC

Identity check

IT Experts create a personal profile with unique fields specifically designed to create an identity

2 Tier verification

We ensure two layers of verification to enforce privacy and security

Skills validation

All IT Experts are onboarded into the JobID platform and are accessed by an automated high-level, AI-driven assessment specific to their area of expertise to further proof their skill level

On ground assessment

Zart foot soldiers will conduct an on-ground address and information check upon request which is available on the premium plan. This will validate the Address, Tiers, Information Provided, and Certification

Employability status

To prevent brain drain due to dual employment, our AI matching tool confirms whether an IT Expert is available based on the verified experience history they provided, before pairing with the employer

Zarttech adopts this security innovation to validate all our IT Experts.

Businesses will be able to use JobID for

Identity and Skills Validation

Project Management


Internal and External Communication

Onboarding and business automation

Payment Processing and much more

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The First Passive Income Generation Platform for Digitally Skilled Talent in the World

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3Wins is a public-facing automated marketplace where businesses directly relate to vetted diverse digitally skilled resources. Companies and businesses pay a monthly subscription fee to have access to a pool of vetted digitally skilled experts, and 50% of the revenue generated is shared as a token to everyone on the 3Wins platform

4Impact Coin

Pay and Reward your talents EASILY, from ANYWHERE at ANY TIME

4Impact coin is a BEP-20 utility token standard to be used on JobID and 3Wins as a means of settlement for employees’ stock, rewards, and bonuses from employers and on 3Wins as a coin for rewarding users. The token will also be traded on some public exchange(s)

You will be able to pay and receive payments globally with ease


Learning has never been easier

Modula is an Ed-tech platform uniquely designed by zarttech to make learning easy and convenient. You will be able to learn at your own pace, at any time, anywhere

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