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Our Engagement Outstaffing process
Candidate Request and
request Initialisation
We receive a request for IT experts from the client via the project manager and recruiter attached to you and immediately start working to bring on the best hands for a job opening within the organisation. The IT experts needed might be developers, cloud experts, designers, or anyone digitally skilled.
Detailed Requirements
and Job Analysis
Next, in this process, is to create detailed requirements and analysis documents for each of the job roles that need to be filled by actively engaging all stakeholders (the client and the recruitment team) to ensure that talents that would be hired would have the right profile and skills for the job.
Detailed Job Description
Once we do a comprehensive job analysis, we then create a detailed job description that states every aspect of the day-to-day functions of the candidate that would take up the role to ensure there is a full understanding of what is expected in the job role.
Delivery of Candidates
Using the job description and our A.I enabled technology, we begin our recruitment process in order to deliver the vetted IT expert or teams that fit the job role.
  • A comprehensive search is then initiated on our platform, JobID, to check our pool of vetted IT experts for the specific profiles that fit the job description.
  • After matching, we assign a code challenge to the prospective candidate in order to assess their technical abilities. We use Testgorilla to automate our code challenge testing with a minimum of 75% scores in the primary technology needed for the role before proceeding to the next level of test needed for our IT experts.
  • This is where a senior architect or equivalent role on the primary technology of the role needed, will interview the candidate in real-time to see the problem-solving skills and development methodology of the proposed candidate. During this process, we look out to see if the candidate is following the best practices.
  • After the technical assessment, we perform a personality test in order to assess if the candidate is going to be the right fit for your company in terms of culture, behavioural skills, and personal and professional values, to ensure the candidate is fully fit for the role.
  • We then go on to perform more detailed background checks, which would include technical skills, background checks, and references to make sure that the client would be getting a candidate that is mentally and professionally ready, and eager to start working for a long term benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Notably, for all job roles, in order to ensure diversity and inclusion, we can provide talents from the aforementioned regions including EU, Africa, and North or South America if necessary when building a remote team.
Sign mutual NDA
and profile check
After acquiring the clients’ signature for the mutual NDA, the IT experts profiles or teams are sent to the client for review. If the profiles are in accordance with the previously stated requirements, we proceed with the interview stage. In case the profiles do not meet your expectations, we provide you with new candidate profiles.
Interview Stage
Our recruitment team then organises an interview with our technical team for the candidate(s). This interview is very detailed, and candidates that are successful after this stage have turned out to deliver quality work for our previous clients.
Contract Signing
If all checks out and the IT expert is a great fit for the role, a contract is signed, and Zarttech becomes or is the employer of these IT experts or teams while they work specifically for the client, i.e, The IT experts are managed directly by the client while being on Zarttech’s payroll.
Zarttech hires senior IT experts for the client for the first 12 months. Afterwards, you get to know the team or IT experts and then decide who you want to employ directly onto your team for further collaboration.

Engaging with us means supporting Africa as 2% of our revenue is donated to our foundation

Meet your hiring needs while contributing to the SDGs
We pride ourself on innovative design and world class software development
Our Engagement Outsourcing process
Introduce the
project to our PMO
To begin with, we explore what your project needs are and your expectations of the final product. In this way, we acquire all the necessary information in order to build the exact product that you want to be developed. After the introduction and project detail clarifications, we hand it over to our Project Manager / Product owner.
Draft an FRD
Our product owner will then gather the information received during the introduction and draft a Functional Requirements Document (FRD). This document will serve as a blueprint for the entirety of the project scope and also include the project timeline, cost, tech stack and design expectations.
Contract Signing
If the FRD is approved we can move towards the contract signing and officially start the project development.
The first stage of project development is the design process followed by the layout of the whole project. The design process entails a flowchart, visual specifications, and other unique preferences.
Project development
We start by creating an environment in which the project will be built in. This will be done in a secure cloud infrastructure. You will be carried along throughout the whole development process and will be able to provide feedback accordingly.
Ongoing support
Post-production we will provide you with the necessary maintenance of your end product. In this way, we ensure that any technical issues that might present themselves will be swiftly taken care of.
  • We provide platform/application users with 24/7 email technical support. People can raise a support ticket and engage with an individual to fix or answer their questions.
  • We constantly check for updates or security patches in the project’s dependencies, libraries, or the framework of Implementation, and upgrade them to the latest versions in order to keep our client’s projects clean and secure.
  • Here we attend to fixing issues; design and structural updates to the overall or a section of the software will also be performed.
  • Penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. We perform vulnerability analysis, read teaming operations, and penetration testing to identify and patch known vulnerabilities in all our projects. This process is repeated at certain intervals to provide the best security.
  • We analyse the number of active users, storage and memory consumption, networking services, cost of cloud services, etc, to scale our projects in different directions.

Whether new or ongoing project,
save costs by over 50%

Unlimited opportunities with Zarttech
Access Top 1% Senior IT Experts from diverse backgrounds
Our team believes in the beauty of pluralism. Differences are considered uniting qualities instead of dividing factors...

We strive for inclusion by securing high diversity in the global workforce, from the bottom to the top. Diversity and inclusion lead to better solutions, more creativity, and greater innovations. People that work in inclusive environments feel self-confident and appreciated, resulting in top-notch output.

Grow your team with the right people!
Remote & Onground and Security Protection Process We are your remote and local HR tech team in Africa, Europe, and South America
Zarttech’s diverse infrastructure will help you grow a global diverse team compliantly. We have experts on the ground at all talent locations to ensure the security and validation of all our IT Experts...

We also deploy a first-of-its-kind world-class technology platform to guarantee the security and validation of all our IT Experts

Build your team from anywhere in the world

Enjoy our world class customer experience We are with you every step of the way

Building a diverse team can be a herculean task but with Zarttech we utilize technology and
on-ground Experts to make the process easy and quick.

We ensure we meet your needs, at all times, through our customer centric approach and on-demand help.

Our experts are available 24/5 to answer all your questions. Just click the “Contact Us” button from any screen within our platform and get all the answers you need!
We are proactive and not reactive about our customer’s projects at Zarttech. Our experts are constantly monitoring the ever-changing technologies and local regulations to ensure optimal delivery and protect your business.

Grow your team with a company that puts you first

Fair price guaranteed

Choosing to build your team or get a project done with Zarttech, saves you over 40% on hiring costs and budget. We ensure straightforward pricing depending on the package that best fits you. You always know what your bill will be and we do not include any hidden charges.

Transparent pricing

You only get to pay what was agreed by you in the contract. You know what your monthly bill will be and based on the frequent updates we will share, you know exactly what you are paying for.

No hidden fees

We believe in transparency. We will never charge you beyond what was agreed and will never include services that is not in your contract. We guarantee you value on every penny spent.

No discrimination based on the number of Engaged

While we happy to have you engage more than one developer from us, you can be assured that our quality of delivery and commitment to building your team or project is the same be it one or more developers being hired.

Build a Diverse Team with Remote

Intellectual Property Protection

We make hiring a talent and getting your project done easier, we do not claim ownership

Using other HR-tech companies may expose you to an increased risk of IP theft. Whereas at Zarttech, we operate using in-house verified legal and compliance experts to ensure IP security and guaranee ownership of what is yours. Our in-house experts are present in all the countries we operate and closely monitor the IP laws in these local countries and update agreements and protections accordingly.
Data Handling Process
You can trust us with your data

Before any contract is executed, a Data processing agreement is signed on behalf of Zarttech. This agreement binds us to

  • Comply with all applicable Data Protection Laws in the Processing of Company/Placed candidate Personal Data; and
  • Not Process Company/PC Personal Data other than on the relevant Company’s documented instructions.)

We help you with:

You retain

Protect your business from any IP loss

Access over 15,000 validated diverse Senior IT Experts Get an integrated team onboarded or your project started in 24hrs

Contribute toward global economic inclusion

our on-ground support makes remote work seamless

We offer on-ground support to our partners. This helps us ensure smooth operation of teams, while protecting the best interest of our partners in the local countries they hire from.


Our on-ground security expert teams, are available in our local operational zone. And strategically placed within 1hr driving distance from our remote workforce.

We also deploy a first-of-its-kind world-class technology, the security and validation of all
our IT experts through our platform JobID.

JobID 6-Step Security Process

Face recognition

IT Experts login via Automated KYC

Identity check

IT Experts create a personal profile with unique fields specifically designed to create an identity

2 Tier verification

We ensure two layers of verification to enforce privacy and security

Skills validation

All IT Experts are onboarded into the JobID platform and are accessed by an automated high-level, AI-driven assessment specific to their area of expertise to further proof their skill level

On ground assessment

Zart foot soldiers will conduct an on-ground address and information check upon request which is available on the premium plan. This will validate the Address, Tiers, Information Provided, and Certification

Employability status

To prevent brain drain due to dual employment, our AI matching tool confirms whether an IT Expert is available based on the verified experience history they provided, before pairing with the employer

Zarttech adopts this security innovation to validate all our IT Experts.

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