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In collaboration, Zarttech, IS-EF (Stichting International Sustainable Education Foundation) and Zart Talent Foundation, have each been founded in order to tackle three mutual goals – with the overarching mission to eradicate global inequality. Although each entity combats this mission with various strategies and solutions, we hope that together we can ensure a sustainable, ethical and impactful difference within communities and society as a whole.

Our United Mission & Vision

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development Goals

With these Mission and Goals we stand-by the SDGs and as Zarttech continues to achieve its social-impact goals, we would significantly contribute to solving 9 out of 17 SDGs of the United Nations. Through our sustainable operations design, we will address economic growth and development in Africa. We believe that this is the right time for Africa to merge with the Western world in terms of living standards and economic opportunities. Therefore, our business model addresses 9 SDGs by the United Nations.

Our Drive

Zarttech and The Entities

Zwarrtech aims to Bridge the tech gap between Africa and the West. In doing so we engage affordable Senior IT Experts and CyberSecurity Specialists from Africa with Western companies on a fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) basis. We enable flexible scaling of IT departments, in geographical & cultural proximity, and mitigate the risks in hiring them.

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Stichting International Sustainable Education Foundation (ISEF) is a result-orientated NGO that seeks a world where communities are empowered to become self-sustaining. A world where individuals and communities are included and provided the opportunity to thrive and drive transformative change. Guided by its mission, ISEF strives to reduce global poverty and inequality, provide decent work opportunities, and drive economic growth within disadvantaged communities by providing access to economically viable & sustainable education.

At ISEF, sustainable economically viable education rests on:

Programs that reeducate corporate entities and communities towards the opportunity cost of not diversifying and creating inclusive, accessible global socio-economic systems.

Empowering local communities by leveraging on-demand skills in providing access to technical and soft-skills training that leads to employability. Through uplifting youth within disadvantaged communities across the globe and enabling them to reinvest back into building their communities, we therefore create a cycle of self-sustaining ecosystems.

Providing a balanced representation of the African continent to change existing negative perceptions by highlighting positivity and possibility, fostering a trust-based global economy where greater equitable global exchanges can take place to solve mirroring economic challenges.

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The strategy behind Zart Talent Foundation mirrors our confidence for the future population and disadvantaged communities by leveraging technology. Our Projects build upon each other and support an individual through the different stages of their lifecycle. from educational attainment to securing employment opportunities. With a focus on Nigeria, Netherlands, and Nicaragua, our goal in the next five years is to empower 2000 young people, particularly women, to obtain employment and be self-sufficient. We envision at least 50% of them continuing to find quality employment and the other 50% setting off on their entrepreneurial journey and finding innovative solutions to the world’s problems. With youth employability as a primary indicator of socio-economic progress, our goal is to provide a sustainable path out of poverty.

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