The Future is Africa: Can-do Attitude, Resilience and Entrepreneurship Spirit of African IT Expert

With a populace of over 1.2 billion people, Africa is home to a wealth of talent with skills and experience that positively contribute to the technological growth of companies all over the world. 

To a global population of 7.7 billion people, the African population ratio is 1:5 people globally. Furthermore, 60% of this population is currently under 25years old.

The constant drive to gain more knowledge and for personal improvement is one that characterises the African developer. While the majority of developers have a university degree, they characterize themselves as “self-taught”. With the pace of technology accelerating, it’s become next to impossible for formal educational structures to keep pace with the needs of the market leaving developers to find their own way, shifting their focus to current and future requirements. Education is top of mind, and it is this drive for knowledge that’s ensuring Africa’s developers are leading the way in technology innovation.

According to the African Development Bank, more than 1 in 5 working-age Africans are starting businesses. For women, it’s more than 1 in 4, making Africa the world’s most entrepreneurial continent. And it is often African developers who are at the helm of these new, booming unicorns and startup organisations. 

In 2022, most companies around the world have become more open to hiring talents from Africa, not just because they are a cheaper alternative but because they have proven to deliver some of the best quality of work in the tech scene.

African developers do not only take on your project due to their entrepreneurial mindset; they immediately become a part of the business because of their diverse backgrounds, agility and flexibility to change. They see beyond any obstacle and seek ways to make things work. They are indeed a must-have and a great asset to the team.

One of our clients at Zarttech, Scott Keesey, had this to say about one of our developers from Africa “Emmanuel needed minimal supervision, and his coding skills were excellent… Blending in seamlessly with our team from day one, and delivered more than we expected. He was an immense value to our team and helped us launch the product a month earlier than scheduled.”

Are you looking to scale up your IT team or get an IT project done, Zarttech is your ideal partner. We provide you with talents that have both the experience and skill to get the job done and also with the right attitude needed to build a team and grow your business.  


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