From African Talents to Global Diverse Talents

We just announced something huge; it took long hours, which turned into days, weeks, and months of market research and development, to bring us to this point. We even asked some of you to share your thoughts on our logo design options to help communicate our new positioning via our social media, and your feedback was very helpful.

It is evidence of our very intention to believe in our community cooperation and understand that we could create an ecosystem that would mutually benefit individuals and collectively. 

A journey we started in 2020. We accelerate with the support of the community that has stood by us from the beginning of Zarttech.

We have expanded, yaay! We are the new solution to diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

We Will Think Global but Act Local: The Why?’

Initially, we focused on providing our clients with African-based talents due to the abundance of IT Experts in Africa, the entrepreneurship spirit, resilience, similar time zones and languages, significantly reduced hiring costs and much more. However, as we grew as a company and began to conduct more globally-driven research, we identified talents from diverse groups in the West who faced the same challenges of unemployment and underemployment. 

So, in line with our mission and vision, we decided to spread our wings and foster a more inclusive and diverse workforce on both sides of the divide. We expanded to bridge that gap and offer all IT Experts access to global job opportunities to improve quality of life and prevent or minimise brain drain. As a result, we now provide our clients with global talents from Africa, Europe and South America.

We believe in Diversity

Zarttech is all about people. A diverse team means a successful team. Diversity to Zarttech means bridging the gap between Race, Gender and Identity so that anyone from any social or racial group can be included in the current global workforce.


We are happy to take on this new challenge in line with our mission to Bridge the opportunity gap by connecting diverse IT Experts with global work opportunities.

Let’s be your partner today in meeting your hiring needs and increasing the diversity ratio in your company.

Zarttech – Bridging the Gap.

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