Zarttech’s New Social Strategy – Paying It Forward

Zarttech Social Strategy

As one passionate about redistributing global opportunities, I am delighted to share Zarttech’s new social strategy that seeks to drive a long-lasting change to the tech ecosystem in Africa and, invariably, the world at large.

Currently, Zarttech places highly skilled tech Africans on international opportunities on a Remote, Hybrid or On-Site (Within the EU) basis.

We are launching another phase to our foundation, Zarttalent; we would train young Africans, 100% female from low-income backgrounds, in IT skills. Both technical and soft skills would be taught locally with international exposure.

Our Model:

The goal is to make Zarttalent self-sufficient. Zarttech would donate 2% of its revenue to the foundation for every hour a developer works for a client. This will ensure the sustainability of the program without external funding. 

Young African females who are our core focus from low-income backgrounds in Africa can apply to be a part of the program. Zarttech’s community can nominate and vote for possible students as well; our foundation screens and selects successful applicants, and they get admitted into the training program for six months.

Upon completion, Zarttech African Senior developers would mentor on a ratio of 1 Senior: 2 Newly trained Junior Developers for one year, after which Zarttalent would issue a certificate of completion.

Through our partner network at Zarttech, we will help the newly trained developer secure job placement or work on gigs, and we will follow up on their success and ensure they pay back a sum of 7500 Euros over 5 years once they are employed.

The Result

  1. Outstanding social-economic impact and new economic creation worth over 2 Trillion Dollars within 7 years.
  2. We would help to create a sustainable effect on the tech ecosystem in Africa and increase awareness and interest in tech; this will, directly and indirectly, uplift 75000 people out of extreme poverty in the next 5 years.
  3. We will solve the problem of talent scarcity in the West as opportunities can now be redistributed to a capable workforce in Africa.
  4. The foundation’s self-sustainability will be attained in 7 years, and new centres can be organically created without external funding.

Happy to discuss partnership opportunities and lots more if you want to support this mission; most importantly, please spread the word about Zarttech. We are not just another HR-tech company but creating a lasting change in equal partnership.


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