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Zarttech and 15Wins are revolutionising how ideas become
reality, and advancements are born. 

As a software company ourselves, we understand allocation challenges while striving for frictionless business and growth outside technical spend.  Our primary goal is to foster the birth of cutting-edge technologies and bring them to market with a MUCH LOWER BARRIER TO ENTRY.

Gain Access To:

Neville M. Mchina

CEO and Co-Founder

“Zarttech’s Impact Fund is the true accelerator young startups need! While getting speed of light access to Africa’s top (tech and admin) talent at a favorable cost, the fund further subsidizes the cost for us, enabling us to scale without inflating our burn rate. Having an investor like Zarttech who is invested in our growth and involved in our success removes some unnecessary stresses and enables us as founders to focus on the actual challenges of making our business model work. Veza is a true testament to this. 6 months ago we could have folded the business, today we have a team, a product, and are going to market!”

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