Our Values

Humanity, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, Branding, Entrepreneurship, Partnership

Our individual values make up our collective identity

We stand for humanity

In Zarttech, we believe that all humans are equal in fundamental worth and moral status. Consequently, people have a basic human right to be treated equally and enjoy equal opportunities. We provide the opportunity to enjoy family life, a healthy lifestyle, and a safe work environment. Humanity and equality are in our DNA; we represent proudly and express this through our organisation, services, and partnerships.

We stand for diversity and inclusion

Our team believes in the beauty of pluralism. Differences are considered uniting qualities instead of dividing factors. We strive for inclusion by securing high diversity in the global workforce, from the bottom to the top. Diversity and inclusion lead to better solutions, more creativity and greater innovations. People that work in inclusive environments feel self-confident and appreciated, resulting in top-notch output.

We value sustainability

Zarttech connects and leverages the global talent and human capital evenly. Help and charity will become redundant because different economies worldwide are empowered to operate on the same common ground of equality and fairness, transforming into economic development, individually and collectively.

We believe in branding

We feel that the world’s fear of the unknown is one of the underlying causes of inequality. Awareness and positive branding, image building and telling the correct stories will contribute to changing perceptions of workforce diversity and hence positively contribute to global workplace inclusion, enabling it to reach its true potential.

We believe in entrepreneurship

Autonomy and exploration are vital to the success of individuals. In our company, we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to exercise entrepreneurship in an equal and trustworthy environment, enabled by the proper infrastructure and reporting tools for easy collaboration. Therefore, we build trust and technological infrastructure that allows independent work culture while promoting remote work.

We believe in partnership

For Zarttech, closing the gap is a win-win for all stakeholders involved. We are maximising economic development by mobilising knowledge globally; this benefits both the individual and collective economies. While economies enjoy the optimal price/quality ratio, our socially driven way of working ensures that corporations benefit and that individuals gain from the transatlantic partnerships’ economic success.