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Our expertise includes but is not limited to:
Zarttech delivers comprehensive web development services with clear results and a clear development process.
We build a speedy progressive web app or even an e-commerce store.

Our expertise include

Web Application

From design to development to continued maintenance, Zarttech builds web apps that are secure, scalable, fast, and compatible with various platforms and devices.

Custom Web

Develop a custom solution for your business from the ground up. Our extensive custom web development service will help you build a cross-platform solution for any industry regardless of scale or complexity.

Magento Web

We are available to utilise our expertise in order to help you create and expand your online store on the Magento platform. We can also help you transfer your existing store or add new extensions.

E-commerce Web

We can help you build an E-commerce store that is friendly with a top-notch user experience using the right extensions and reliable integrations. We can develop a full-scale E-commerce for your business.

Java Web

With senior IT Experts with over 7 years of experience on our team, you can trust us to build a comprehensive web solution for your business using Java.

Drupal Web

Whether it is comprehensive module management or building a website from scratch, our drupal web development services will cover all your business needs.

Zarttech provides various software development services that include legacy transformation, quality control, business process automation, third party integration and maintenance.

We have expertise in

Customer Relationship

Our experts are skilled in developing innovative Applicant Tracking Systems and CRM.

Enterprise Data

Our senior experts help build solutions for real-time data processing and integration. The enterprise data management solution will allow you to process, move and store large amounts of data in complex environments more efficiently and effectively.

Enterprise Content

Our senior experts help you build solutions that help you manage the flow of information across the organisation to support internal business processes.

Enterprise Mobility

Our senior mobile experts help you build software solutions that enable information to become more accessible via multiple mobile devices and locations.

Zarttech offers a range of mobile app development services such as auditing apps, designing and developing mobile versions from scratch and creating mobile versions of existing web products.

Mobile Development Stack

Our senior experts help you build solutions that help you manage the flow of information across the organisation to support internal business processes
Our experts help you develop and design an intuitive and fully functional solution that creates a competitive advantage and caters to your end-users needs.

UI/UX Design & Development Process

We offer our clients a structured and analysis-driven approach toward software development.

Some of the services include:


Together with our clients, we discuss your vision, requirements, and future project scope.


We assess current processes, your domain requirements, establish your target audience and the issue your products solve.


Our experts detect areas where specific technology can be a value add. A report of findings, recommendations and frameworks/ technologies that closely a-line established KPIs is developed.


Our experts ensure that they have a thorough understanding of the competition within the market, help you establish a product quality roadmap and assist with setting increased user engagement.

Whether new or ongoing project, save costs by over 50%

Engaging with us means supporting OUR SDG GOALS, 2% of our revenue is donated to our foundation.

Meet your hiring needs while contributing to the SDGs.

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