What we do

On behalf of our clients, Zarttech can execute software projects by operating and using agile best practices. We also provide outsourcing of custom software development projects where the Senior Experts are working , employed, and led by Zarttech.

What we offer

Zarttech can take over (part of) your new or ongoing software development project. An example of this can be a mobile development project. Specific apps, website development, webshops, back-end applications using a range of technologies can be developed for you by Zarttech. Zarttech can fully control the project, or it can be under your control/supervision. We have plenty of possibilities.

Why choosing Outsourcing

Our Clients trust us to ensure the success of their product with our full-cycle software development services and expertise in various frameworks and technology stacks. You provide the project, and our team works on the solution.

Our Senior IT Experts help you create disruptive web, system and mobile applications, APIs and other software products tailored to your business needs and market expectations. We help companies from various industries develop their products from start to end and at different stages of a product life cycle. For example, from idea to design (UI/UX), architecture design, development, testing & QA, implementation, support and maintenance. We want to be your partner, think with you, your win is our win.

With Africa being time zone aligned and the unified cultural approach with the West, hiring affordable fully remote, hybrid remote or on-site(EU Region) Senior IT Experts from Africa is no longer brainer. By choosing ZT for Outsourcing you help us to achieve the 8 of 17 Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations for 2030. This enables us to impact the lives of 75,000 African people.

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