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How Hireslim built the first human-driven Candidate Engagement Platform (CEP) with our 1% senior IT Experts. (Outstaffing)


The candidate engagement platform (CEP) called Hireslim was built for a real-time recruitment process to develop a smart way of hiring.
The key goals and achievements, were to achieve Instant Screening & Scheduling interviews within seconds after candidates’ application, candidates that apply for a job expect to see the same speed and services as when ordering a product online.
With the Hireslim application, instant candidate engagement, engaging with new and database candidates, screening & scheduling via Whatsapp personal feedback & tailored Information, and real-time human-to-human conversation is achieved.


Hireslim is a company located in Hague, Netherlands, is on a mission to optimize real-time candidate engagement by turning each candidate into an instant 2-way conversation. Extensive knowledge in recruitment technology and lead conversion has led to the launch of the first human-driven Candidate Engagement Platform (CEP) called Hireslim, a unified solution to conversational recruitment.


Before now, our client advertised jobs on Facebook, generated leads, got applicants to apply for the job, chatted them up, asked them a couple of questions, and scheduled them for an interview with a recruiter. This, however, was a manual process with limited technology.


In the year 2021, the client started to build a local tool using AIRTABLE as the database and integrating with the stacker app, using TRENGO as the chat platform. Stacker lets you turn your Airtable into an application with login, lists, forms, and buttons. It’s ideal for creating candidate portals, and partner directories. Applicants are pulled to AIRTABLE Database and applicants are contacted via the TRENGO chat, the challenge with the TRENGO platform was that only one chat window is visible to the chat agent while working and it had a poor UI /UX.


These pain points led to the development of Hireslim.


Zarttech through our outstaffing services, onboarded our IT experts in software development to build the Hireslim application, a solution to conversational recruitment and candidate engagement in the year 2022.


The project was broken down into different milestones and this perfected the launch of the minimum viable product (MVP) for the client. After our development team was onboarded, and the design signed off, they worked daily. The remote working style was employed and in ten (10) months we had great output.


From setting up a company to adding candidates to the company, setting up matching criteria, creating campaigns, and sub-campaigns, building scripts, creating applications, and an automated Whatsapp chat system with the candidates, Zarttech’s IT experts made it possible.


Applicants are asked some questions e.g location, language, and highest degree on the chat system, and then an interview is scheduled with the recruiter in the next 15 or 30 minutes which is one of the features the old system never had. We can have up to six(6) chat windows opened at a time. The chat agent doesn’t have to manually do anything. Candidates get to interact with real humans.


Matching candidates for an interview was never easier… the chat agent could easily know if a candidate is a match for the client, as well as the number of hours available to work. Candidates also get a reason for a decline and constructive feedback for their self-improvement.


We also have calendar planning using google. We ran into a bit of a challenge with integrating CRONOFY to do the real-time interview suggestion by pulling availability from the recruiters’ Google calendars. However, this was later resolved by contacting their support team. The beauty of the new system is that recruiters can sync their calendars by just using the CRONOFY integration.


Hireslim has so far recorded some improvement and progress by using the new system, They are as follows:


At the first launch of the human-driven recruitment application to the live domain, the CEO of the company gave a compliment to the company in appreciation for the services rendered. In her words,

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