How PILI PILI Games built the Parody games applications with Zarttech Outsourcing services


Recruit Pursuit also known as the parody games consists of original assessment games that have been developed with a view to an extensive competency check.
The key objective was to make the game a challenging one, and provide a positive employee experience for both the candidate and the existing team. Additionally, they wanted to have an observer work with a validated score form, resulting in a summary report with unique insights.


Pilipili Games is a young start-up from Leuven that enters the field of gamification and game-based learning with offline and online game forms. Learning by playing and learning something while playing pushes boundaries and lowers thresholds. The three inquisitive founders of Pilipili Games want to make you think about predetermined building blocks and learning goals through Serious Games. In every possible field and for every possible target group.


The regular interviews have always been done either remotely or in person, Pilipili games stepped out in search of a solution that can serve as a supplement to the actual job interview procedure, generating automatic reports on candidates’ assessment after playing Serious Games, using a questionnaire and drawing up a competence checklist.
Pilipili games also believed in the power of play and the power of learning and remembering through play. Play makes drier matter and lowers the threshold and that was the principle conveyed in the parody Serious Games: pushing boundaries and lowering thresholds, by molding didactic material into a unique game concept.


The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the parody games was the goal for the team: an application where a competence checklist is drawn up, based on a questionnaire, tailored to the vacancy, combined with team competencies, and based on the selected competencies, different games are offered.
A trained observer goes to a company with the games on the assessment day. The games last 15-25 minutes and are optimal to play with 2-4 people. Based on a validated scoring form, a report is drawn up per candidate that is directly accessible to assessors and can serve as a supplement to the actual job interview.


Our team of developers with the correct stack chosen was able to develop the MVP for the client. We took the problem and solved it using our expertise.


Pilipili games have so far recorded some progress and great results from the app usage.
They went into partnership with Bureau PiM as a result of the impact of the application.
Below is the recorded progress report:


We have some good feedback on the usage of the application and what their customers are saying, below is feedback from a gametimer customer.

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