NBCC and Zarttech: Pioneering Digital Innovation Across Borders

NBCC and Zarttech: Pioneering Digital Innovation Across Borders

NBCC and Zarttech: Pioneering Digital Innovation Across Borders
NBCC and Zarttech: Pioneering Digital Innovation Across Borders

In the dynamic landscape of global commerce, collaboration and innovation are the driving forces that open doors to new opportunities and frontiers. One exceptional partnership that epitomises this spirit of collaboration is the alliance between the Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) and Zarttech. Together, they are breaking down geographical barriers and paving the way for pioneering digital innovation.

The partnership between NBCC and Zarttech is not just an alliance; it’s a statement of intent. It represents the union of two organisations committed to innovation, collaboration, and excellence. Together, they are pioneering digital innovation across borders, transcending geographical constraints, and harnessing the power of technology to drive economic growth and opportunity. This partnership holds the promise of unlocking new horizons for businesses on both sides. It’s a fusion of expertise and vision, where the NBCC’s extensive network and industry insights meet Zarttech‘s innovative solutions and commitment to global talent. NBCC, in collaboration with Annick Boyen from Unilever and other industry leaders, has launched the NBCC Green Coach Programme during the “Driving Sustainability in the Supply Chain ” event at Philips. This program bridges the gap between climate goals and actionable plans, offering expert insights and practical advice from Signify, Terraform, Dayrize, LG Sonic and more. Through joint initiatives, events, and collaborations, they aim to create synergies that benefit not only their members but also the broader business community.

The Netherlands British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) stands as a testament to the enduring relationship between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. This bi-lateral commercial membership organisation operates from offices in London and The Hague, with a singular mission: to promote Anglo-Dutch trade and investment. To turn this mission into a reality, the dedicated leadership team of NBCC, including Lyne Biewinga as Executive Director, Diederik van Wassenaer as Chair, Heba Bevan OBE as Vice Chair, Harry Brockhoff as Treasurer, Alexandra Kamerling, Dennis van Vugt, Penny Grivea, Sara Benjamin, Yvette van Loon, along with Joanna Roper CMG, Ambassador to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Karel van Oosterom, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, is working tirelessly. For years, the NBCC has been a trusted bridge, facilitating connections and commerce between these two economic powerhouses. In this partnership, Zarttech, under the leadership of CEO Nelson T. Ajulo comes in with a deeply rooted belief that technology has the power to transcend borders and unlock the potential of global talent. Its journey began with a vision to reshape the landscape of tech innovation, and over time, it has evolved into much more than just a tech company. It is now a catalyst for change, committed to addressing the global tech talent shortage. Zarttech is also on the verge of releasing an exciting new app that will transform the way you work.

Zarttech is dedicated to connecting a diverse pool of IT experts with global work opportunities, with a particular focus on Africa, notably Nigeria. It is more than a tech company; it’s a force for transformation. By empowering individuals to thrive both professionally and personally, Zarttech is at the forefront of harnessing global talent. The collaboration truly shines when NBCC provides its members and clients with a comprehensive array of business services and networking opportunities. NBCC, an independent membership organisation, aids companies in expanding internationally. In a recent workshop, participants, including Richard Zwart from Rollz International and Steef van Schie from Click-Pax, focused on cultural awareness, pitching, and UK market entry. They learned from Stefan Bullivant of the British Embassy and Karel-Oscar van Hengel of HyperTalented. This interactive event provided practical insights and support for UK expansion. NBCC’s commitment to members’ success in international markets was evident.

It serves as a vital resource for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of international trade and establish a foothold in new markets. In an era where the digital landscape knows no bounds, NBCC and Zarttech are at the forefront of forging connections, fostering innovation, and enabling businesses to thrive on a global scale. Recently, Zarttech had the honour of participating in a pitch event alongside the British Ambassador, showcasing their commitment to digital transformation and international trade. They invite others to join them on this transformative journey into the future of digital innovation and international business growth.

As the global economy continues to evolve, collaborations like this remind us that when like-minded organisations come together, they have the power to shape the future. NBCC and Zarttech‘s partnership is proof that innovation knows no borders, and together, they are pioneering a new era of digital transformation and international trade.

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